Signs of Squirrel Roof Damage

Squirrel roof damage is frustrating to find and treat. Unfortunately, it’s a common sight here in Charlotte, NC. What can homeowners do to take a stand against this threat? Here is what Southern Star Roofing wants you to know.

Install Drip Caps

Unlike other flashing, drip caps promote better water runoff. Better yet, it also prevents squirrels from ripping up tiles. As burrowers, these pests naturally like to dig, even on your roof. When they do, these critters will eventually end up in your attic.

Trim Trees

If you have trees near your roof, squirrels have an access point. Even several inches away is close enough for them to jump over. Keeping plants trimmed away is like removing their ladder. It might not get rid of pests entirely, but it will help.

Clean Your Gutters

Like all creatures, squirrels need food and water. Clogged rain gutters offer them both, making them for ideal nesting. To keep squirrels away, it’s important to keep your rain gutters clean. Or you can hire us to handle it instead.

You don’t have to allow pests to continue harming your roof. Call Southern Star Roofing now for the best solutions around.

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