Should You Get a New Asphalt Roof or Shingle Overlay?


Homeowners learn that they don’t need to settle for less than what they deserve. Many wonder, should you get a new asphalt roof or shingle overlay? Both have their advantages and considerations to mull over. 

Discover which system is recommended by Southern Star Roofing below.

What is a Shingle Overlay?

As it sounds, a shingle overlay is a secondary layer of asphalt tiles. It installs directly to the original roof, preventing a total replacement. It’s also known as re-roofing, but not all homes can have them. You need to find out if there’s enough support first.

Not every roof needs to be torn down, but some homeowners prefer it. Keep in mind that there can also be many issues with them without experienced contractors.

How Long Do Overlays Last?

Another reason why they are popular is because they last quite a while. You can easily get a dozen years of use from overlays. 

New Asphalt Shingle Roof

When your initial roof is worn out, you likely can’t apply an overlay. Homes could witness these heavier systems come crashing down. Many homeowners prefer to tear roofs down and rebuild them instead. 

No matter which option is right for you, choose Southern Star Roofing for roofing services.

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