Should I Replace My Roof This Summer?


SHOULD I REPLACE MY ROOF THIS SUMMER?There are times when you don’t need to make more spot roof repairs, and you need to just do a full roof replacement, especially when the spring has had its toll on your aging roof.

When deciding whether to do a roof repair or replacement, ask yourself the questions below.




The process of replacing a couple of shingles is not that complicated, and it is also economical. If you find that many shingles or large areas of the roof broken, damaged, or cracked, then it might be the better option to replace the roof. You should do a visual inspection of the house then ask yourself the following questions:

Are the shingles curled or warped? When there are a lot of shingles curled or warped, then it could be a sign that the shingles were not properly installed or there is poor ventilation, and this could be costing you a lot of money in lost energy.

Are you losing granules on your roof?

Granules are usually on the asphalt shingles because they are important in protecting the home from solar radiation and the weather, which preserves the integrity of the roof for longer. It is natural for these granules to be lost over time, there are some like damages from hail or storms, bald patches, or a lot of granules in the gutter and runoff that indicates it is time to have them replaced.

TIP: If the granule wear is appearing in horizontal lines, or a couple of inches beneath the edges of the shingles above it, it could signify the breakdown of the seals around the shingles. This means water will easily leak under these shingles into the roof, then the decking of your home, which can lead to the growth of dangerous mold.

Are there many shingles missing? If you find that there are many shingles missing, you should have the entire roof replaced instead of replacing them individually, and this is a common thing after windstorms.

Are shingles that have cracked or dried many? The heat during the summer will leave the shingles dry and ends up cracking. When they crack, water can easily penetrate.


Is there a leak? You can easily repair leaks without having to do roof replacement. You can easily repair leaks around chimneys, vents, or ducts by just doing a replacement of the flashing then resealing the pipe and vent openings. If the leak inside your home is significant, it could be because there has been significant damage to the roof deck. This will force you to do roof replacement, and additional structural and remediation might be needed for areas that had prolonged exposure.

Is the roof sagging? When a roof sags, it is a sign that there isn’t enough structural support. The cause of this could be poor original construction, natural deterioration over time, or damage. You should immediately call a professional before it collapses.

Is your roofing old? The lifespan of a roof varies depending on the materials. Rubber/EPDM roof can last between 10-16 years while asphalt roofing shingles lifespan is 15-18 years (24-30 for architectural shingles). Steel roofing or concrete tile will last for over 30 years. If the roofing is nearing the end of its life, it gets very expensive to repair. You stand to save a lot by replacing the roof.

Is there moss or algae damage? Algae and moss should be removed regularly from your roofing. Leaving them to build up is never a good idea because they end up penetrating the shingles, resulting in loss of granule, and this leads to structural damage, water infiltration, leakage, and mold.


Are you planning to sell soon? If there is room damage or it is nearing its end, then you have to decide if you are going to do the replacement before listing it.

Is there insurance coverage? If something unforeseen suddenly happens, like an accident, storm, or vandalism, and has resulted in damage to the roofing, then the homeowners’ insurance might cover it. Depending on the policy, the insurer might pay for the repair or cover part of the cost. There are some insurers who tend to provide incentives for people who choose more durable materials such as EMCO steel roofing.

Are you looking to improve energy efficiency? A new roof can be great for improving the insulation of your home from elements, and this will lead to a reduced amount of energy for cooling and heating your home, and this lowers your energy bills. There might also be state, federal, or local tax credits or incentives when you choose energy-efficiency roofing materials.

If you are looking to replace your roofing, Southern Star Roofing can help in choosing the best roofing material for your home. We carry steel roofing, asphalt shingles, and flat roofing products, and we have the knowledge and experience needed to install these products. Contact us so we can be able to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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