Choosing between Shingle Repair and Replacement

Shingle Repair

do you need a roof repair or a full roof replacementThere are times when your roof begs for a serious repairing schedule. This could be after a particularly bad storm has hit your hometown or when your roof is simply aging and needs more and more attention every passing day. Deciding between whether you need to call for roofing repairs or replacement is important to save big. It’s common knowledge that a roof replacement is much more costly than a single shingle repair session but when the repairs keep adding up, the total cost will also add up and may exceed that needed for an entire roof replacement.

Shingle Repair versus Roof Replacement?

As a responsible homeowner, it’s your duty to figure out whether you need to call for roofing repairs or think about an entire roof replacement. Here are some things to consider when you’re making this choice.

Leaky Roofs for Shingle Repair

Leaks are one of the cardinal signs that might usher a roof replacement. Although some leaks can be controlled easily, some roof leaks are impossible to manage and can cause extensive roof damage overtime. Instead of putting your time, energy and money on repairing these leaks, it’s a better option to call for a roof replacement.

Roof inspection for a shingle repair

If you’ve been getting your roof inspected and checked regularly by a professional roofing company, it should give you an indication of the current functional age of your roof and any problems that might come with it. It’s a good idea to get your roof inspected annually and get a word of advice from a professional roofer about the condition of your roof so that you can choose whether you need simple repairs or an entire roof replacement.

The Bottom Line

Whatever fate you ultimately decide for your roof, it’s important that you execute the plan wisely. DIY roof repairs and replacements are something we don’t recommend at all! Unless you’re skilled in the field of roofing, there’s a high probability you’ll end up creating more trouble for your already problematic roof. Always choose trained and licensed roofers when it comes to roofing projects. Finding shortcuts or cheaper alternatives might save you some money now but in the long run, you might face a lot of heavy roof expenses.

Talk to your roofer about how well your roof is aging and whether or not they recommend an entire roof replacement instead of repairs. A professional should be able to give you an honest answer if you’re still confused on the decision.

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