Roofing Problems You Cannot Afford To Ignore

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Your roof, along with the foundation, is the most critical part of your house. That makes sense, given that it literally covers up everything lying underneath it: your home, you, and your possessions. However, since it isn’t something that you look at every single day, it is something that you tend to take for granted. That is, until something bad happens, and then it is too late. So before getting to this point, the following are some of the most common roofing problems that should be addressed right away.

Roof Leaks are Roofing Problems

Those can be difficult to ignore. If you have cracked flashing, or broken slate, tiles, or shingles, then leaking may become a serious problem. Especially look for any leaking around the gutters and near the chimney, as well as at any flashing points. Make sure you check the roof on a regular basis, and if you discover any discoloration or leaks in your ceilings or walls, call a professional right away.

Roofing Problems: Search for Holes

Holes – or any depressions that are about to become holes – may be more common than you think they are. There is plenty of debris outside that may damage a roof. From heavy hail, to rocks and wind, to wildlife tramping across your roof. Woodpeckers, squirrels and birds may make holes that may cause massive damage over time if they are not dealt with right away.

Cracking and Shrinkage

Like on roads, temperature fluctuations, accumulation of ice, and moisture may cause materials such as roof tiles to crack, expand, and shrink. Whenever a material shrinks, that can damage everything that it is connected to it, and given the fact that roofs are huge collections of interconnected materials, the damage may spread very quickly. Shrinkage may pull flashing apart, which limits their effectiveness, and may be especially damaging to EPDM-covered roofs. Even a solidly built roof may be vulnerable to damage that is caused by ice. It just takes water to accumulate underneath a roof tile, and then freeze overnight, which creates gaps in between tiles that can expand further when the ice melts on the following day. So the only way that can be prevented is to conduct a thorough inspection each spring and fall to check for damage and make any necessary repairs before anything gets out of control.

Beware of Trees

Obviously it is bad if a tree falls on your house. However, something that is not always noticed by people is trees that are rubbing up against their house. If a tree is not cut back it can constantly scrape against your roof, scratch the surface, and wear the top protective layer down. Definitely make sure that you prune your trees regularly, and consider removing any trees that pose serious or constant threats to your house.

Roofing Problems You Cannot Afford To Ignore

There are some roofs that are installed so poorly from the beginning, that they never have a chance to succeed. Select your roofer carefully. Don’t simply go with the very first one you find. Take recommendations from neighbors and friends who have had positive experiences with roofs, and make sure you do research on any prospective roof by checking testimonials from customers online.

If you inspect your roof on a regular basis, and hire an experienced and reputable roofing company, simple repairs will be all you need, which will spare you from needing to have emergency repairs done which is something that every homeowner dreads.

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