Roofing Additions and How to Do Them Correctly

Roofing additions can add value to your home, but only if it’s done correctly. You can find plenty of homes in Greenville, SC, that didn’t follow directions. That is why you can count on Southern Star Roofing for your additions. We take on any repairs and new installations you need most.

Make Them Functional

When you lack yard space, a roofing addition adds functionality. You can easily create a secondary deck or balcony area. However, you need to know how to keep the addition from separating from the home. It’s best to hire a reputable roofer like ours for these projects.

Match the Roofline

Some homeowners match their roofing addition to dormers instead of roofs. Doing so leaves them sticking out and visibly obvious. Matching to your roofline helps to hide the seams better. Plus, your eyes will wander to it less often.

Don’t Overload It

Amateur house flippers may get carried away with a roofing addition. When it outweighs its support beams, it falls through the floor. That extends beyond construction, but what it houses as well. An at-home gym may not need every available machine.

Hire Southern Star Roofing for your roofing addition.

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