How do I know I need a roof replacement in Charlotte after the storm?

Roof replacement from Charlotte storm damage

Charlotte storm hit, but everything looks okay on my roof from the ground.

Roof replacement and the reasons for needing one are not always easy to spot from the ground. You can scale a ladder for a closer look, yet the pitch of roofs can make it a daunting job for many homeowners.

Because of our recent storm, it may be unclear that you need a roof replacement or a roof repair It’s a good idea to have a local Charlotte residential roofer to come and do a free inspection and assessment. If you don’t get the free inspection, there may be damage that you can’t see that will just get worse and cause more problems.

Read on, and you can learn what to look for, and by the end, you may see, you need to call a top roofing company and ask, “Can you repair my roof after the storm?”

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Once a storm passes by, one of the first things homeowners do is check for missing shingles. They do this from the ground and often use binoculars for a better look.

Unfortunately, this is only half the story because you can’t see all the shingles. In flat areas, these may be secure, yet get into the edges or corners where there are flashings, and you may find some are already missing and are not visible, if untended to, it can lead to a roof replacement rather than repair.

Besides, when you have a reliable roofing company check-up close, they can see if any shingles are slipping or beginning to curl through old age. These can let rain penetrate, and you may not find out until your roof structure is rotten.

Shingle repair and roof replacement in Charlotte comes from bare spots and shingles in gutters

If you check your roof directly, or as soon as possible after a storm, you may spot shingles sitting in your gutters. These will have slipped under high Charlotte winds, and it gives you an idea, this damage is recent.

The worse scenario is if your gutters are full of the protective granules, and you only spot this during gutter cleaning. You may have shingles that are no longer effective against the rain, and you may find water has been seeping underneath and causing all manner of damage to the substructure. The bare spots mean there is no protection for your shingles, and the asphalt may have cracked a long time ago.

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A recent storm can be the thing to bring forward your roof replacement. The need may already be there, but you were unaware of the roof’s condition. With the way weather patterns are, it is advisable to contact your local roof installer to give your roof a once over for peace of mind.

However, if things are bad, and you do require a roof replacement, then you will need Charlotte’s top roofing contractor to deal with your roof replacement project. At your earliest convenience before any more bad weather strikes, contact Southern Star Roofing & Construction.

Southern Star Roofing  & Construction are Charlotte’s top residential roofing company. We are affordable roofing contractors serving Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas, offering roof repair and roof replacement, Siding, Windows and Gutter services. We will carry out free gutter cleaning and an upgrade to architectural shingles at no additional cost with a purchase of a full roof replacement.

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