Roof Repair versus Full Replacement: How Do You Decide?

Roof Repair

roof repair or roof replacementYour roof acts as the single most important shield to your house against all kinds of elements. That’s why your roof is highly susceptible to damage and requires frequent maintenance to function properly. Sometimes mild to moderate damage can be fixed with a repair job but other times the damage may be too substantial for a roof repair to cover. That’s when you might need to seriously consider a roof replacement instead.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Deciding between a roof repair and a replacement can be tricky but we’ve got all the details here so you can make a sound decision for your house.

Evaluate the damage

After a bad storm or other similar damage, the very first thing you’ll need to do is assess and evaluate the magnitude of the damage. It’s convenient to do it yourself but it might not be the best solution. For starters, climbing on the roof can be hazardous especially if you don’t follow the safety precautions. It’s also likely that you miss a more inconspicuous but insidious damage in your roof that only a professional might be able to pick up.

We recommend getting a roof inspection done from a qualified roofing contractor that you trust. An expert opinion will be able to make your decision much easier for you as to whether you should opt for simple roofing repairs or an entire roof replacement.

Roof replacement red flags or roof repair

There are a few red flags that should instantly make you consider a roof replacement instead of a repair. These deciding factors or warning signs include:

  •        Missing, broken, loose shingles
  •        Curled or raised edges of the shingles
  •        Unexplained leaks with moss or mold growth
  •        Persistently blocked drains and pooling of water on the roof
  •        Chipped or broken flashing

Hire the right roofing company for your next project

When it comes to roofing, you want to make sure you leave the project in the right hands. Southern Star Roofing has decades-worth of roofing experience with equipped, trained and professional roofing specialists. We are a reliable Charlotte roofing company that will undoubtedly help make your roofing project a smooth endeavor whether it’s a minor repair or an entire roof replacement.

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