Roof Repair Tips in Charlotte: Chimney Cap Installation 101

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Your roof makes a crucial element of your house’s structure. Not only does it protect your house against – well – just about everything outside but it also does its job in insulation and providing a proper ventilation system to your home. The chimney cap on your roof holds great importance in this last function and ensuring that balance of air is exchanged between the exterior and interior of your house.

However, the chimney cap can suffer from damage just like any other part of your roof. What do you do when that happen? No you don’t pick up your hardware store-bought tools and a ladder. You pick up your phone and dial for your trusted Charlotte roofing company.

Why do I need my Chimney Cap repaired?

The dangers of a faulty chimney might not be outright obvious except from the rain water seeping in through the chimney. But a damaged one can lead to a great number of issues for both the inside of your home and your roof.

As is obvious, rain water can seep through a broken chimney cap. But a long with that, this moisture can damage the bricks as well as the shingles on the roof around the chimney.

Moisture that seeps inside the house through your chimney is seriously problematic as well. This moisture accumulation can cause mold to manifest and mildew to grow. And we all know how harmful mold can be to both your property and your health!

A faulty chimney cap can also encourage a faster rate of rusting of other chimney related structures. It can also cause leaves, dirt, branches and other debris to build up and clog the entrance, thus interfering with the ventilation and the function of the chimney as a whole.

What’s more, a faulty chimney cap can also invite pests and other animals to seek shelter in the chimney. Squirrels and even raccoons can make their way into your home if the chimney is not sealed properly with the cap.

Licensed Roofers for Fixing Your Chimney

The first step in the repairing process is to choose the right chimney cap for your chimney. A team of professional roofers like Southern Star Roofing will be able to guide you through this process and help you install the cap efficiently and quickly.

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