Repairing Water Damage Caused By a Leaky Roof

Water Damage

A leaky roof is an insidious reminder of the water that is to follow. The first signs of damages might be not be obvious. Mold won’t set in right away either. But overtime, a leak in your roof if neglected can cause serious water damage to just about anything and everything under the ceiling. This includes your walls, your floor, your furniture and even your own health.

Locating the Leak

Investigating a leak in the roof isn’t as simple as investigating a leak in the faucet of your bathroom. But finding the leak in the roof is much more essential than a dripping faucet for a leaky roof just cannot be ignored.

Since most roofs these days are slanted, locating the exact place where the leak is occurring can be tricky. It could be a dark, cramped up place in the corner of your attic. It could be a tiny leak near camouflaged near the ceiling fan.

An expert roofing company in the Charlotte area will be able to successfully locate the leak in your roof. These companies usually have state-of-the-art tools to inspect your roof. Many modern companies now make use of drones to carefully inspect and hunt down the leak location.

Understanding Why the Leak Happened

Rain water seeping through a weakened roof is one of the top reasons for a leak but it’s definitely not the only one. Leaks can be multifactorial. If your roof is aging or has suffered trauma recently due to bad winds, it might have been a victim to missing shingles and even holes and cracks in the roof. Water from just about anywhere can seep into their breeches and cause leaks inside in your ceiling.

Another important reason for leaks occurring in your roof is a clogged up drainage pipe. This could to an excess accumulation of water on your roof and ultimately leaks.

Repairing water damage from a leaky roof

The key to repairing water damage in your property cause by a leak in your roof is drying. Invest in a few fans to keep the room suffering from the leaks dry. It’s also important to thoroughly dry (air dry or vacuum) individual items that have suffered from water damage such as your furniture.

Your wall is the most susceptible to water damage and hence needs the most amount of care and repair. Once the leak has been patched up by a professional, make sure the walls have dried before repainting them with mold-resistant paint. This will keep mold away from your property and ensure you have a healthy environment inside.

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