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questions you should ask a roofing company when considering hiring themEven when you’re experiencing a leak and time is of the essence, it is still very important that you hire a licensed professional with proven experience. You need a trusted, reliable roofing company who uses quality materials and hires experienced workers for your project to ensure an excellent repair or installation. Don’t ever hire a roofing company on the fly without researching their Better Business Bureau’s ratings and reviews and getting good answers to certain important questions. When homeowners experience sudden wind or water damage they want the repairs or new roof done immediately, but you could be setting yourself up for more problems down the road if you sign a contract with a less reputable company. It can be a high stress situation if the work and/or materials are substandard and the job isn’t done properly or according to an agreed upon schedule. Here are some key questions you should ask each roofing contractor before signing a contract for your project.

Questions to ask your Charlotte Roofer

What’s the Full Name of Your Roofing Company? And Do You Have a Physical Address?

You will want to hire a roofing contractor who has an established business location you can locate in your area if necessary. Too often homeowners hire a contractor who solicits work in their neighborhood and doesn’t have an actual physical office address. These contractors usually move on after the job is done and are difficult to find if there is a problem afterwards. A roofing company with an actual business location is much more likely to be more experienced and professional. If a roofing company doesn’t have or is reluctant to provide you with their location, that is a red flag and you should continue your search. And, be sure to write down the company’s full name so you can verify their legitimacy online.

Do you Have a Proper License and Insurance?

If you want to protect the investment you have made in your home, then you will want to hire a roofing company that is licensed to work in your state and is bonded and well insured. If a contractor has the appropriate licensing then they possess the technical knowledge and skills for your roofing project. In addition, they should be able to provide you with a copy of their insurance coverage to prove there is adequate protection for workers’ injuries and property damages that may occur on the job. And, a bond will provide protection for your financial investment. Make sure you ask for documentation that shows proof of licensing, insurance coverage and bonding.

Does Your Company Use Roofing Subcontractors?

Before the job begins, you should know who the workers are who will be working on your project. Does the company use subcontractors for all or parts of the project? This is important to know because the subcontractors should also be able to provide evidence of their own licensing, insurance and bonding.

Do You Provide a Warranty for Your Work?

You will want to know if the roofing company offers a warranty for their labor and for what length of time it is valid for. You wouldn’t want to hire a contractor and then find out later that they won’t be required to fix any problems later on. While roofing material manufacturers offer various levels of warranties based on your choice of materials, the contracting company’s work requires a separate warranty. Be sure you understand what level and length of coverage is in both the contractor’s and the materials manufacturer’s warranties. Read through the documentation provided by your contractor and make sure your understanding of the coverage is stated in the documents.

Can You Provide Homeowner References?

If you’re dealing with a reputable roofing company they should be able to provide you with the names and addresses of other roofing jobs they completed as references. It would be unwise to deal with a company that hasn’t performed work in your area before. You should always be able to find another company that can list examples of other projects they completed. Use the references to verify the services performed and if the homeowners were satisfied with them. Also inquire if any customers experienced problems with the workmanship or had any other issues.

Finally, make sure you have all parts of the project included in a written estimate that should be updated if verbal changes are discussed and agreed upon, and verify how long the company has been in business. Asking these important questions and requiring specific answers will help to ensure you receive quality service and avoid potential future problems.

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