Properly Doing Roofing Inspections


How Often Should You Have A Roof inspection?

After your initial roofing inspection, when do you need to have it done again? Homes in Charlotte, NC, face a lot of severe weather every year. While Southern Star Roofing recommends annual inspections, you may need it done more often. It would be best if you considered scheduling one after any of th events below:

Severe Weather

Tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, and other severe weather will often damage your roof. Even newer systems can start to have missing shingles and punctured rooflines. It isn’t only wind and rain to worry about, but ice as well. Your roof is in harm’s way throughout every season, making inspections necessary.

Old Age

An asphalt roof should last about 20 years. However, after the first decade, you should keep a watchful eye. The expected lifespan on the box doesn’t factor in daily life and weather. If you don’t remember when you had a roofing inspection last, it’s been too long.

Springtime Roofing Inspections

Many homeowners notice signs of leaks but can’t find the source. Until the winter ice and snow melts, your investigation won’t go too far. Once the ice isn’t a threat, we can offer an in-depth review. Choose Southern Star Roofing for experienced contractors on your roofing inspection.

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