Proper Roof Inspection After an Episode of High Winds in the Charlotte Area

Roof Inspections

Raging wind is the worst enemy of your roof. The stormy season can bring with it winds greater than 100 km/h and this could prove to be fatal for your roof. While the material used to build our roofs is strong and durable, even then it can bend under the pressure of nature. So how do you proceed in the aftermath of raging winds? Let’s talk about a roof inspection.

How Does Wind Damage the Roof?

A strong breeze can damage your roof in more than one way. One obvious way it does so is by the force of the wind itself. The pressure can be so high as to break apart shingles, rip them from their underlayment and carry them away. Another possible way high winds can damage your roof is by bringing in debris like twigs, branches and even entire trees crashing into your roof. This buildup of debris pressure can cause serious damage to your roof.

How to Perform a Roof Inspection Yourself?

Even if you don’t suspect there has been wind-related damage to your roof, it’s still a good idea to check anyway. The best way to proceed is by climbing on your roof (carefully, of course!) and inspecting the shingles, flashing and other elements of your roof. It’s important that you don’t walk too much on your roof because not only can it be dangerous for you but a weak roof can get more damaged if you walk on it too much.

A proper, in-depth inspection can be performed by a professional only. But just to get an idea of the magnitude of the damage caused by the bad weather, there’s no harm in performing a quick DIY inspection.

What can I do About the Damage Caused to My Roof?

There’s nothing you can actively do for repairs except calling a licensed roofing contractor in Charlotte. You need to act quickly though because the longer you delay the repairs, the worse they will get.

Remember to research good companies and not to accept assistance from those door-to-door so-called companies that pop up out of nowhere after a bad storm has hit town!

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