Modern Architectural Roofing Innovations

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Roofing innovations have evolved over the centuries and built with technology that was considered state-of-the-art in the particular time period. From straw roofs to asphalt to metal, we’ve certainly come a long way when it comes to roofing. The history of the architecture of roof has changed according to the needs of the human population at the time. Now with increasing urbanization, it’s important to know exactly what kind of roof will be worth the installation in your new home.

If you were planning to install a new roof you should take some time out and go through all the different roofing innovations that are considered modern in this time and age. We’re sure that you can come to a wise and informed decision for your house through this article!

The Cool Roof Type

Cool roofs are excellent options in areas where the temperature scale is out of proportion. These roofs are light in color which reflect sunlight and keep the overall temperature of the roof low. Compared to asphalt and tar roofs which aren’t that great at keeping the roof cool, cool roofs can protect your structure from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

You’ll also see a drop in your utility bills with this type because you won’t need your air conditioners turned all the way up or too frequently if you have cool roofs installed.

The Popular Green Roof

Going green has gained international importance in this age. With global warming on the rise, going on the green route is wonderful for your home and the environment. This type of roof utilizes the space on your roof and converts them into a garden space. Also called the living roof or the greenhouse roof, these roofs transform all the area on your roof that’s wasted and puts it into good use.

Green roofs also function as a kind of cool roof because flora has the property of keeping temperatures low and absorbing sunlight.

Blue Roofs Are Also a Thing

There’s something called a blue roof that is slowly gaining recognition in recent times as well. This kind of roof is made to store all the rainwater and ultimately keep your roof cool. Again, these roofs act as cooling roofs but they come with additional perks. Blue roofs have a complex water storing and catching system that can be used to cool roofs. It also has a proper drainage system built so you don’t have to worry about the stored water ruining the quality of your roof.

One option is to integrate blue roofs with green roofs. The blue roof supplies water for irrigation purposes of the green roof making a complete and full environmentally-friendly roof with excellent cooling properties.

Solar Roofs

Solar roofs are nothing new but they are more popular than ever. Although these roofs don’t need a formal introduction, they function by capturing sunlight and producing electricity for your home. These types of roofs work terrific in areas that are exposed to lots of sunlight throughout the year. The initial cost of installation of solar roofs might be high but they are super cost-effective in the long run.

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