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Our team of professional roofing specialists are highly educated and trained with ShingleMaster Certified by CertainTeed product.  We have experience replacing 1000s of residential roofs and are excited to serve the Matthews, NC region!.  We proudly offer a 100% full satisfaction guarantee with all of our roofing solutions!

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Obtaining a roof replacement can prove to be very expensive, so certainly, you need to know that the money you work so hard for is invested with a roofing company that is honest, professional and provides high quality work and craftsmanship.  We are sensitive to your budget and will always provide high quality services without compromising in any area.  You can have confidence that we will get our roofing project done right the first time.  In regards to considering your roof covering replacement, there is much to consider.

What You Should Expect With A Roof Replacement

Cost: It should be obvious that the price is going to be a primary factor in your decision. Prices are going to vary quite a bit based on the materials used, the size of your roof, your location, and how long the job takes. Some jobs that are basic and small might only $6,500. On the other hand, a big roof and the selection of a high-grade material can jump the price up fast into the tens of thousands of bucks.

Time: As with cost, this will vary based on the specifics of your home. Typically, a new roof can be put up inside of a week. On the other hand, several factors have to be considered. These can include the size of the roof, the particular materials in use, how many people are on the job, and the weather. All these can speed up or slow down the new roof instantly.

Process: The very first day of the roof replacement project will likely entail a dumpster being brought to your driveway so the project can be kept clean. The first day is also when the old roof gets removed. It might be really noisy, so if you want to be a good neighbor, warn those living around you what is going to be happening. Once everything gets removed, then your roof will get inspected before the new roof is installed.

Things To Consider

Roof Pitch: One factor that a lot of homeowners don’t typically take into consideration when estimating a roof cost is the variety of roof pitches. The term of roof pitch is just a fancy way of saying roof angle. In general, medium-pitched roofs cost less because they’re safer for roofers and they’re easier to install.

Roof Size: You won’t really have much control over the size of your roof unless you’re getting a new home built. On the other hand, it plays a substantial role in just how much your new roofing project will cost, and that can have a big impact on the kind of roofing materials that you might be able to afford. The standard practice for roofing materials is that price and installation both happen by square footage. As such, the bigger the roof is, then the more materials are going to cost.

Materials: You can choose from a variety of materials when you get a new roof installed. Every material is going to have its own set of pros and cons as well as a distinct price range. Asphalt shingles are by far the most commonly used roofing material. They are the cheapest in most cases, but they’re still a moderately durable material. If your budget allows for something with more heft, then metal and slate roofs will last far longer than asphalt, but they cost much more too.

It’s a major project to get a roof replacement. It’s smart to consult with the professionals through the whole process in order to make sure that you make the most of your time and money. If you have decided that now is the time for a new roof, then call us right away so that we can work up a free estimate for your home.

Cleanup Is Important

Roof work commonly gets a bit messy. Here at Southern Star Roofing, we make sure our teams don’t leave a huge mess. Other roofing providers might just pack up their things but leave shingles, other materials, and even nails behind. Not only is this hazardous, but it also can mean hurting plants and grass. We make sure that we thoroughly clean up after every job we do using a robust process. We actually sweep the whole area using magnetized tools in order to make sure that there are no nails left behind. You’ll watch us leave with the peace of mind that your yard is safe.

Need a professional roofing company in Matthews to help you with your home’s roof?  Contact Southern Star Roofing today.  We are happy to provide you with a FREE comprehensive roof inspection!


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