Live on Lake Norman? How to Inspect Your Roof for Moss and Algae


An aging roof shows certain obvious signs that can’t be missed even by an unskilled eye. One of the obvious signs of roof damage is the growth of fungi, moss and algae that not only destroy the aesthetic of your home but also cause overtime damage and a danger to health if not dealt with promptly.

Why has moss and algae grown on my roof?

These are types of fungi that flourish in humid and damp conditions. A damaged roof is likely to suffer from leaks and drainage problems that can lead to the build-up of moisture. This provides an excellent habitat for these to grow in tufts on the roof. Apart from moisture, roofs that are naturally shaded with surrounding overgrown trees and bushes also provide a good footing for moss and algae to grow.

Why are moss and algae harmful?

Moss and algae reduce the obvious appeal of your house but that’s not the only issue. These fungi can further deteriorate your roof if not removed. Fungi can seep through asphalt shingles causing them to weaken overtime and even break into granules. This will cause your roof to accelerate downhill and force you to call for repairs immediately.

These fungi are not only harmful for your roof’s health but your own as well. Like most fungi, moss and algae can aggravate respiratory problems and cause coughing, wheezing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness and skin and eye irritation.

What can I do about moss and algae?

The best way to tackle a case of moss and algae growing on your roof is by hiring a reliable roofer in Lake Norman. The profesionals will first inspect your roof and deduce the magnitude of the problem after which professional methods to eliminate the fungi will be taken.

It is important to remember that moss and algae simply cannot be killed by DIY methods so save your time and energy and invest your hard-earned money in a roofing company that you can trust!  Call Southern Star Roofing today!


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