Learn Several Things To Consider Before You Replace Your Residential Roof

Residential Roof

Learn Several Things To Consider Before You Replace Your Residential RoofThere are quite a few factors that might determine how and when you need to replace your residential roof or your property. The following are a couple of things to consider when you think the time might be coming to replace the roof:

Geography Matters

Is your home in an open field? Do you live near the water? Does your home sit in a place that gets hit by high winds frequently? If you can answer yes to any of these, then you might need to think about high-grade materials to be used for your roof, instead of the conventional 3-tab shingles. If you live near the ocean, then salt water can also prove to be a factor, since it can impact metal; that means that if you use metal in your roofing, you need to consult an estimator for suggestions.

Balance Your Budget

If money is an issue, then the most economical and popular choice for residential roofing is the architectural-style shingle. This kind of roofing is a notch above the basic grades of 3-tabs shingles. Even though 3-tab shingles can give you a good-caliber roof, it only withstands winds up to around 60 mph. On the other hand, an architectural roof might withstand winds as high as 130 mph. The price difference for the investment is typically worth that upgrade, if your budget can actually accommodate the increase.

The Roof Pitch for your Residential Roof

The steepness of a roof is known as the slope or pitch. It’s also something that can vary based on different portions of your roof, and it plays a crucial role in the kind of roof which performs best for that surface. Anything ranging from flat up to a 3:12 pitch is typically considered as a low-slope roof. In nearly all cases, a membrane roof system will work out well in terms of performance.

Is The Home A Rental Or Some Place You Live?

People that plan to remain in their property for a number of years usually invest a bit more in the roof system so it won’t have to be replaced quite so often. If you’re replacing a rental home roof, then whether or not you go with lower or higher-grade materials is going to depend on just you want in terms of a return for your investment.

The Look And Style Of The Residential Roof

If you want a distinct appearance, then you might want metal, slate, flat, or specialty materials, or even luxury shingles. Pick a roof system that will not just offer you durability, but will also compliment how your property looks.

Tearing Off The Old Residential Roof Or Roofing Over It

We don’t suggest installing any materials on top of shingles. It’s crucial to inspect the actual wood deck to make sure that a new roof is getting installed on top of a sound structure. Roofing materials can be very heavy, so building on any structure unable to support the total weight of new materials is not a good idea. Roofing over something previously installed might be okay in particular circumstances, notably with a flat roof system, although you need to talk to your roofer about the best solution.

The Timing

You can save a lot of long-term money if you don’t wait too long to replace your roof. Continuing leaks on a roof might lead to rotten and/or deteriorated sheathing, and that adds up later on.

Make sure that you consult a licensed and qualified roofing company for best practices. Call us today!

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