Shingle Roof Facts Every Homeowner Should Know!


everything you want to know about shinglesIt’s common knowledge that shingle roof is perhaps the most popular type of roofing in the United States. Statistics shows that around eighty percent of the houses in US are topped with this kind of roofing material. If this percentage is so large, you probably can’t go wrong with a shingle roof, right?

Shingle Roof Facts

It’s true that shingle roofs are comparatively easier on the pocket and they are pretty sturdy but that’s not all that they are capable of. Here are some of the key reasons why so many people gravitate towards this roofing option.

#1: Shingle roof has a long lifespan

All roofs come with a certain age limit and shingle roofs come with an expiry date of over two decades. This means that you can expect your shingle roof to last for over 20 years given that you’ve regularly maintained it and made appropriate repairs. This lifespan can also vary according to the quality of materials you have used in your roof and the installation method employed by your roofer. The type of shingle also matters. Thicker and more expensive shingles tend to last a long time, even up to 25 years, because they are more resistant to weather damage.

#2: They are budget friendly

One of the most obvious reasons for the shingle roof popularity is its comparatively lower cost. The total cost in purchasing the shingles and getting them installed is considerably less than what you’d expect from other roofing materials such as metal. This is because shingle roofs are less technical to install and have long warranty periods. All in all, shingle roofing is a pretty cost-effective option for homeowners.

#3: They are recyclable

For green homeowners shingle roofing is one of the best options out there. Shingles are easily recyclable so they don’t need to be disposed off in a landfill or create tons of waste. In fact a good roofing company will assist you in this recycling process when you’re ready to replace your shingle roof.

#4: They have a great visual appeal

When it comes to roof aesthetics, shingle roofing can do wonders. This is because there’s so much variety in the colors, color blends and textures in shingles that they can complement just about any home siding and aesthetic. This generous variety to up the visual appeal of your roof is definitely a major plus point for shingle roofs.  Looking for a reputable and affordable roofing company in the Charlotte areaContact Southern Star Roofing today!


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