Lake Norman Roofing Contractor Mold Inspection Tips


How to Properly Conduct a Mold Inspection for Your Roof

When a roof is reasonably damaged, it tends to show several different signs. A roofing contractor says it may be it broken or missing shingles, cracks and holes or chipped of flashing, there are always signs that both careful homeowners and skilled roofers can pick up. Should these damage pop up, you should call for an immediate roof repair because standing damage to your roof can only spiral downhill. One important sign of roof damage is water leakage. In fact, this is one of the most important signs of a roof that possibly needs to be replaced. Water leakage can manifest in a number of different ways – one of which is mold formation.  If you have any extensive mold or other water damage on your roof, be sure to call a professional roofing contractor in Lake Norman experienced with your specific roofing challenges.

What is Mold?

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of witnessing dark green to black spots on your walls or ceilings that smell of a damp swamp? That’s mold. Biologically speaking, mold is a type of multicellular fungus that flourishes in humid and damp habitats. In towns where the temperature is hot and humid and rains are a common occurrence, there’s a great chance of mold forming on trees, walls and on your roof.

A leaky roof will accelerate and give a good breeding ground for this fungus and if your roof is growing mold, you’ll see evidence of it not only on your roof top but also in the inside of your home. The walls and ceilings of the attic and rooms on the top floor are affected the most. If you see signs of mold, it’s important that you schedule a mold inspection and removal. It’s a good idea to act fast before the mold progresses and takes over your entire house because mold removal is a pricy and time-consuming process.

Why is Mold Harmful?

Apart from its unsightly appearance, mold has harmful effects on your health as well. Exposure to fungus can cause respiratory problems, nasal stuffiness, skin and eye irritation or even aggravate a case of asthma.

Protect your roof from mold today by acting fast. Look for signs of mold and hire a professional to get rid of it for you ASAP!

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