Is your Greenville asphalt roof healthy?


After storms, you often wonder, is your Greenville asphalt roof healthy? If not, you could quickly see moisture damage spread.

In this article we list some of the items that Southern Star Roofing checks the most. 

Moss Growth

If you see large moss patches, you likely have mold as well. Both have similar needs, allowing them to appear together. Bleach products aren’t always the best choice. It’s best to research what types of cleaner will be the safest for your roofing materials.

Rust Spots

Any amount of rust means corrosion and moisture damage. It could come from nails, flashing, or other building materials. Rusted metal can’t prevent leaks, so it quickly spreads. 

Missing Shingles

If asphalt shingles are missing, the bare frame is exposed. As a wood surface, it doesn’t take long to have moisture damage. Any missing shingle should be replaced immediately. Don’t wait for stormy weather or when it’s too late.

Roof Caps

Your roof cap allows your attic to vent from the inside. If it’s missing or damaged, it collects rain and grows mold.

We recommend having annual roofing inspections to mitigate any damage. Hire Southern Star Roofing to schedule your roofing inspection today.

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