Is There a Noise on Your Roof At Night? Here’s What to Do

Hearing noise on your roof at night always feels scary. In Charlotte, NC, it isn’t always the boogeyman. Instead, it may only be your roofing system settling. Find the cause of your sounds with Southern Star Roofing.

Creaking Wood

As heat expands, so does your lumber roof rafters. When they creak and groan at night, they are cooling off. Much like your car pinging after driving, it’s a natural sound. There is nothing to worry about unless it starts to get worse.

Scratching Sounds

Your roof doesn’t have claws, so this is probably rodents. Raccoons, rats, squirrels, and others love to nest in attics. Pests don’t always mean that you need extensive repairs. Just make sure to eliminate them and contact an exterminator the following day.

Mechanical Sounds

Do you hear mechanical clunking and humming? It is likely just your HVAC system coming to life. Many homes have at least some parts of this system on their roof. However, if it sounds serious, call in an AC repair company right away.

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Are you still unsure if your roof noises are normal? Contact Southern Star Roofing and we’ll come out and investigate.

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