Is my roofing waterproof?

Having your roofing waterproof done before summer can feel challenging for many homeowners. Charlotte, NC, has a lot of precipitation, so it is a chore that’s necessary. When you need your home storm-ready again, choose our local contractors. Southern Star Roofing offers superior roofing services at affordable pricing.

Remove Debris

When did you have your roofing system washed last? If there is debris, such as twigs and leaves, you could start to find leaks. Not only could debris damage your roof, but they also attract pests. That includes both bugs and wildlife like raccoons and squirrels.

Trim Tree Branches

Even though trees can live near your home, their branches shouldn’t. Overgrown limbs are known for causing a lot of property damage. Branches can tear off gutters, flashing, fascia, and other materials. Plus, they can pose as a fire hazard as well.

Insulate Your Attic

While the goal is to keep water out, lumber absorbs moisture. If you haven’t insulated your attic, you will likely start to grow mold. It’s best to install a heat vent and apply at least some rolled insulation. Or you can have your attic finished to maximize your maintenance efforts.

Hire Southern Star Roofing today for roofing waterproof services and repairs.

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