Is Asphalt Roofing Strong Against Storms?


You might ask, is asphalt roofing strong against storms? It makes you wonder, especially for their low costs. That being said, they are still one of the best choices for homes in North Carolina. Southern Star Roofing recommends them to homeowners and we’ll explain why below.

Are Asphalt Roofs Best?

They are the most common, but asphalt shingles aren’t always the best for storms. That being said, they are still more readily available over premium products. Technically, slate roofs offer the most protection from the elements. However, they aren’t always affordable or easy for contractors to install.

Wind Resistance

Shingles are made in a variety of different safety ratings. Some are better suited for high winds than others. Cheap products will only withstand winds up to around 70 MPH. Other shingle options do offer improved protection against storms.

Shingle Sealants

Asphalt shingles use paper or similar products that are coated in tar. While durable, that does mean that they can absorb moisture rather than repel it. That is why you would need to seal the surface with waterproofing products. You can purchase sealants, but it’s best to leave them to us.

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