Installing a Gutter Garden


Installing a Gutter GardenDesigning your own garden made from a recycled gutter is a great way to re-use your old, worn out gutters in order to set up an attractive garden even if you only have a limited amount of free space to work in.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to fill the recycled gutters with edible plants like herbs and berries, or beautiful flowers, this type of gutter garden will make an attractive centerpiece for your backyard, patio, or deck.

Things You Will Need:

Guttering that you’ve cut into equal sized pieces

Left and Right Gutter End Caps

PVC Glue

Mounting Brackets


Electric Drill
Drill Bits

Potting Soil
Plants You Choose

The Process:

First, take the time to clean the gutters completely and remove any dirt and debris. If you’re worried that they were painted with lead paint, don’t use them for anything you’d like to eat.

Divide the gutters into equally sized sections with the handsaw.

Use the PVC glue to attach the end caps to the gutters.

Use the drill to place a series of equally spaced holes down the gutter’s length. These will provide drainage.

Repaint the gutters to match the appearance you’d like. If you like a weathered look better, you can also skip this step entirely. However, applying fresh paint tends to add a bit of character to your gutter garden. If you’ll be applying paint, add plastic primer first so that the paint sticks better. You may also need to add two coats of paint to get the finish you’re aiming for.

Choose the best spot to hang your gutter garden.

No matter where you decide, be sure that it’s getting enough sun for the plants you’ll be growing.

Next, mark where you’ll be adding the brackets. You should consider using two brackets per channel. If you’ll be setting your gutters up vertically, you’ll need to allow a foot between rows so that the plants have enough room and so that they’re also getting enough sunlight.

Securely install your gutter garden with the brackets and screws.

Add potting soil to the gutters until they’re almost full. Select the lightest dirt that you can find. The new gutter garden that you’ve created will add a touch of beauty anywhere you decide to install it.

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