Installing a Green Roof on Your Home

Green Roof

Tips How to Install a Green Roof

simple tips to install a green roofThe list of benefits of a green roof is endless: better rainwater management, energy conservation, insulation, reduction in noise and air pollution, increasing the life of your roof and many more. But while the concept of a green roof seems alluring, it’s not always achievable.

Many homeowners will try to convert their roofs into vertical gardens themselves without realizing the harm they might do to their roof in the process. If you really want to invest in an effective roof, it’s important that you let the an expert roofer in Charlotte help you with the installation of it.

Here are some key steps every good roofer will follow in order to install one properly.

#1: Taking into account the roof mechanics

In order to ensure that the water from your roof reaches the gutters, it’s important for an adequately sized pitch to exist. Your roofer will also estimate and judge whether your roof can even support the weight of the plants you intend to keep on top of it. Plant trays can actually become pretty heavy and weight over 30 pounds per square foot that can be damaging to a fragile roof. Sometimes your roofer might recommend adding another layer of rubber roofing material to add more resilience to your roof so that it can withstand all that pressure.

#2: Placing and aligning plant trays

Your choice of plant can also matter when you’re installing a green roof. Experts recommend hardy sedums because they need to be trimmed only yearly and they can withstand drought-like conditions. It’s also important that you make sure that the plant trays that are placed on your roof are properly aligned and take up a balanced amount of space. This is not only good for the overall aesthetics of your green roof but it’s also necessary to create an equalized pressure. When the trays don’t fit, your roofer may have to cut through the corners of the tray in order to make them align properly.

You will also need to remove the soil elevators from each plant tray that has been brought once you have finished aligning the trays on the roof.

#3: Water your roof regularly

This is where homeowners need to play their part in their green roof. Make sure that you water your green roof regularly and well so that you won’t need to bring in new plant trays. Neglecting your green roof can become a major problem so make sure your plants are always watered well!

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