How to Coordinate The Installation of Your Roofing Shingles and Siding

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installing a new roof and siding at the same timeWe know the primary function of a roof is to keep the elements out but we can’t deny that appearances matter too. No matter how sturdy and efficient your roof is, if it’s ugly it’s lacking some major points. To give your roof an aesthetically pleasing look, it’s important to know your color combinations and how to coordinate your roofing shingles with the siding of your roof. Here in this blog we’ll spill some of our secrets to attaining a visually appealing roof.

Go down the bold road for roofing shingles

Subtlety has its own charm but when it comes to roofs, we’ve seen that bold looks make a better impression. To make your roof stand out from the surrounding dull grays, whites and blacks of home, consider choosing louder colors for your shingles. If your siding is a dull monotone, you can pair it with red brick-colored shingles to get a bold look out of it. Alternatively if you have a dark colored siding, it’s a good idea to keep your shingles lighter in tone. Color contrast sometimes work terrifically; in the case of roofs, they certainly do.

Installing Roofing Shingles and Sidings at the Same Time

Don’t ignore the lighting

Some seemingly bold colors just don’t pop out in the dark or look strange when the sun is setting. Before you finalize the color of your shingles, it’s important to view your roof at all times of the day, in all kinds of lighting. How the sunlight reflects the color of your shingle can be different than what you actually see it inside a showroom. Take your time to decide what looks best in all lights.

Practicality matters!

When you’re considering a new roof shingle color, you just can’t forget being practical with it. Sure you’re in love with that dark colored shingle and maybe it looks great too but if you live in a hot area, a dark colored roof is not something you want to go by. On the other hand, if the weather is on the colder spectrum, there’s no harm in going for darker shades.

When you’re about to undertake a roof replacement project, don’t forget to ask an expert for his two cents. A professional roofer will be able to give you a good word of advice in how you should coordinate the shingles with your siding.


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