How Trees Can Cause Property Damage

Property Damage

How Trees Can Cause Property DamageSome properties are totally surrounded by trees, others only have one or two in the yard as focal points. The more trees you have in your yard, and the closer that they are growing to your house, the greater the chances that you could be experiencing damage to your roof – possibly without even being aware of it.

Let’s examine the various ways that trees can cause property damage.

1 – Branches that Hang Over Your House can Cause Property Damage

Winter tends to bring with it the worst severe weather – ice, wind, and snow.

During this weather, overhanging branches may snap from the excess weight, falling on to your roof and damaging your shingles. This damage can pile up over time and may eventually cause your roof to leak.

Typically, you’ll want to be sure that all trees and branches are at least ten feet away from your home. You should also examine the trees each fall, being sure to look for rotten or broken branches that could cause trouble with the changing seasons.

2. Leaves

Falling leaves can also damage your roof.

Leaves don’t actively damage the shingles but can cause issues as they accumulate. As leaves pile up on your roof, especially if they fall in deep layers or snow piles on top of them, the moisture build-up can damage your shingles and cause rot.

3. Gutters

Leaves and debris can also build up in your gutters.

If the gutters are clogged, it blocks water from draining through the downspout correctly. It can overflow your gutters, instead, causing damage to your foundation.

4. Fallen Trees

One of the biggest risks to your home’s roof is that of trees falling on the building.

Most trees growing in your yard are not giant. However, they can still cause quite a bit of damage to your roofing. You should take the time to regularly inspect the trees growing in your yard. See if they are still alive, evaluate them for signs of disease, rot, or decay. See if any branches are damaged or about to break.

If you feel that any specific tree is a risk, reach out to a local tree service and have the tree removed from your yard.

One of the worst ways that a tree can damage your roof is by falling on it.

Spending a few minutes to visually inspect your property can save you a great deal of stress, time, and money.

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