How to Tell If Your Roof Has Woodpecker Damage

Woodpecker damage is bad enough for trees, let alone your roof. Homeowners in Greenville, SC, unfortunately see it all the time. What can you do to rid your roof of these pests? Here are some helpful tips from Southern Star Roofing.

Remove Natural Food Sources

Woodpeckers love to dine on bugs, which is why burrow. That means that holes in your property lead to insects. Even if you don’t see termites or ants, you could have them hiding. Make sure you hire a reputable exterminator to treat your home.

Protect Any Wooden Surfaces

You might inconvenience these birds by covering areas already damaged. New adhesives and paint may also force them to start over somewhere else. You could install mesh or cloth coverings to discourage further destruction. Unfortunately, they may need to stay in place to be effective.

Repair Woodpecker Damage Correctly

When woodpeckers damage wood, they also leave it weakened. Removing sections from the core reduces the wood’s durability. Skimping on repairs could cause leaks and even attract pests. Hire a reputable roofing company, like Southern Star Roofing, for superior services.