How to tell if I need Asheville, NC roof replacement

Roof replacement

My roof looks fine from my yard

Roof replacement, and why you need one, is not always easy to detect from the ground. Although you can climb ladders to get a closer look, the slope of your roof can make it a daunting task for you to accomplish.

Whereas many homeowners encounter this issue if there are recent storms. A local residential roofer from Asheville, NC, will be necessary to perform roofing work. Remember, not all roof replacement stems from storms. Regardless, you may need to have your local roofing company check to limit further damage. Besides, if your roof looks, good and you leave it with problems; you may miss the signs that your roof needs serious attention.

Here you can learn what signs to look for, and you can see why you need the help of a local roofing company to keep your roof in order.

Asheville’s best roofing company gives shingles a thorough inspection

Medium to intense storms or winds are all it takes to pull the shingles. For that reason, it is the first thing owners do after such periods of turmoil. They do it from the ground, and many use binoculars to try to get a better view.

Alas, it is only half the picture because you can’t see every shingle. In the flat areas, your shingles may be secure, yet in the regions, with bends, edges, or corners, you may find loose or missing ones. The problem here is these are critical areas as they trap water more and channel it inside your roof.

A reliable local roofing company check-up close, they can see if any shingles are slipping or starting to curve through old age. If you don’t have a check and any remedial work, you can be suffering rotting areas deep inside your roof structure, and you will need a full roof replacement.

Asheville, NC roof replacement comes from worn or missing shingles

If you are lucky, you can see shingles sitting in your gutters. These will have slipped under high Asheville, NC winds. While it isn’t good, it has happened, it does mean you will have your roof seen to sooner rather than when you need a full roof replacement.

A worse scene is if your gutters are full of the shingle granules. If you have this, they are no longer standing up to any weather, and you can find water has been leaking and causing damage to the substructure. Bare spots mean you have no sun protection, and shingles may already crack.

Locating the best Asheville, NC roofing contractors

Instead of waiting for the next storm or high wind, you are better finding out the condition of your roof before you suddenly learn you need a roof replacement. A quick check from your local roofing company can put your mind at ease before you find you do require a roof replacement, either way, use Asheville’s top roofing contractor to deal with your roof work and you are in good hands.

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