How to select a Fort Mill roofing company

roofing company

Having a new roof installed on your home is a very important, and, at times, costly, decision for you and your family. Many homeowners get overwhelmed and are simply not sure where they should start their search process. They may post on Facebook asking for recommendations or do a quick Google search for a local Fort Mill roofing contractor. Sure, you might find a reputable roofing company if you invest a lot of time. But, it is recommended to do a little bit more work and conduct your due diligence asking the right questions. This way, you will come away supremely confident in your final selection.

You will want to ask your prospective roofing contractors the following questions:

Do they have proper roofing licensing?

If they do not have proof of licensure, you should remove them from your selection criteria. For a roofing company to work in the state of North Carolina, it is important they be licensed and legally able to work in the state. If you work with a company that is not, you could deal with legal issues and not much protection if things went wrong.

What are their roofing insurance policies?

Every reputable and professional roofer should be carrying general liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation coverages to start. This will ensure your home is protected if something went seriously wrong with the roofing installation.

Who are the roofing specialists that will be physically working on my home?

Often times, the person who comes out to your home to do your roof assessment is likely NOT the person who will be doing the physical work. Find out the credentials of the workers and their level of capabilities and expertise. It is always best to hire a company that has a full crew on staff. Seeing many companies outsource the labor to subcontractors, that might leave problems down the road. Be sure to properly vet the crew for your added safety and peace of mind.

When a company comes out to do a quote on your roof, you may assume that the kind face you see will be the person you’ll see on the ladder in a couple of weeks.

How long do you expect the roofing project to take?

A good roofing company will clearly communicate with you and provide you with a fair estimate of time it will take to complete the project. You should understand the project and the process they will be following. Further, how many hours per day they will work and what milestones will be met along the way.

What are the different roofing materials you provide?

High quality roofers will have a multitude of options for you to choose from. Whether it be asphalt roofs or metal roofs and all the color and texture variations, you should know what options are available to you.

What kind of roofing warranty can I expect to have?

Some of the different roofing materials installed will come with their own warranties. But, be warned, that if there are issues with the work done to install the material, that is NOT covered if there was damage done. Find out your options as a protection mechanism to ensure you have a strong warranty to protect your home from future issues.

Some other things you can do is check their Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews etc… Find out what other homeowners say and how often reviews are done. If reviews are current, you should be confident you work with a company how has a professional process in place.

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