How to Replace Shingles That Have Blown Off in a Storm

Knowing how to replace shingles that have blown off in a storm takes time and expertise. Greenville, SC, sees a variety of damaging weather creating the need for roofing maintenance. It’s always best to hire us to tackle your maintenance needs. Choose Southern Star Roofing for all your roofing services every day.

Minimize Cuts

You may need to replace a single shingle or several. However, minimizing your cuts will reduce how much they leak. You should also purchase an entire pack of shingles to be safe. They can quickly break when they’re handled before they’re installed.

Fill in Holes

If they’re ripped away, there are likely nail holes. These need to be filled to prevent them from leaking later. Make sure you use proper adhesives rated for roofing projects. Otherwise, they won’t last long under daily sun and rain.

Know When to Replace

Typical asphalt shingles generally last around 15 years of use. If you spot bald spots forming, it may be time to replace them. Before you replace one bad shingle, hire us for them all. Choose Southern Star Roofing for all of your repairs and installations.

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