How to Remove Moss from an Asphalt Roof in Greenville


Not everyone knows How to Remove Moss from an Asphalt Roof in Greenville, SC. However, that doesn’t always stop them from trying to do it on their own. Before you cause more damage than good, read on for our best suggestions. Southern Star Roofing provides your best roofing contractors around, so don’t hesitate to call us first.

Diluted Bleach

While effective, diluted bleach can still cause problems with your property. Most notably, your surrounding plants are at risk. Even weakened bleach products can kill plants in days. Use these cleaning products sparingly, and cover your vegetation first.   

Maintain Landscaping

Do you have branches that touch your home’s roofing system? It could also spread mold, moss, and pests to your home. Keeping landscaping trimmed back will prevent sharing moss spores or allowing pests to get onto your roof. Your roof has hazards all around, so be on the lookout for anything touching your roof that shouldn’t be.

Hire a Roofer

It takes professional roof cleaning to eliminate your moss growth the right way. Not only are the chemicals stronger, but they are also applied correctly. Most professional products not only clean but they also prevent new spores. That makes them superior to any bottled products you find at the local hardware store.   

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