How to Properly Remove Moss from the Roof of Your Home


The Right Way to Remove Roof Moss

roof moss on home in CharlotteMoss and lichen growing on top of your roof can be an unsightly experience. But the ugly appearance isn’t the only thing that homeowners should be worried about. It’s the damage to your roof and the ceiling/walls of your house that is a more pressing issue. Mosses and lichen are plants that can grow on your roof and cause damage to the underlying structures. This includes your shingles and even the ceilings of your rooms inside. Leaks also become a common commodity with moss growth and let’s not forget the multiple health problems moss growth brings with it!

If you want your roof to be free from these, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re listing some of the key steps involved in proper moss removal and prevention.

Moss Removal

Begin with separating the double layered shingles on your roof with a trowel and slide in through them a sacrificial strip made up of zinc metal. This strip should slip comfortably under the top layer of the shingles you’ve just separated. Make sure the strip is fixed and secured with some galvanized roofing nails. You might want to apply some sealant to the nails as well.

Once you’ve successfully installed all the zinc strips in the entire roof, it’s time to get to the killing. These are stubborn entities that need to be deep cleaned and sprayed with powerful solutions to really get rid of them. It’s important to remember to rid the moss from the deeper layer of the shingle as we’ve told you. Surface moss will just keep on growing back.

Use a bleach solution to kill the existing moss. Be careful when handling this alkaline chemical! You might also want to protect nearby structures like your plants and shrubs from this solution. Wrapping them in plastic tarps is one way of keeping them shielded from the effects of bleach. You can also spray a bleach solution on your shingles overall to prevent moss growth.

It’s important that you pay close attention to maintaining your roof and ensuring all the water is periodically drained. Only then can you keep your roof free from moss and lichen for good.

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