How to Properly Install a Skylight in Your Home


Installing a Skylight the Right Way

how to properly install a skylight in your homeSkylight has a way of adding a touch of aesthetics to your roof as well as provide some natural sunlight. Many homeowners opt for this option on their roof but there are few that are actually satisfied with their skylight. We’ve heard people complain of flashlights leaking and ruining the ceiling or walls of their attic. The skylights itself are not to blame; in fact, it’s likely that the skylight wasn’t installed properly. When installing it, it’s important that you connect with a licensed roofer that has a solid portfolio and past experience with installing it.

In this blog post, we discuss some of the key steps every roofer is likely to take for an effective installation.

#1: Mark out your boundaries

In order to proceed with installing this, you’ll need to make sure that you know exactly where to get it installed. One way of demarcating the boundaries of the skylight is by making the rectangular boundary inside your house, possibly the ceiling of your attic. Drive four screws from the inside of the ceiling so that the sharp points appear on the outside.

Once you have your four corners, you can begin with the actual installation process.

#2: Cut out the rectangle

To install it, your roofing contractor will have to strip a considerable piece of roof and its shingles to make space for the skylight. The four corners screwed in will give a good indication as to where the rectangle needs to be cut out. Normally the roof will be stripped 5-7 inches beyond the original boundary made. This process can be achieved with a circular saw.

#3: Flash first!

Flashing is essential to keep your light from leaking. If this step and the next few that involve flashing are followed properly, there’s no way your skylight will leak. Flash the sill around the boundary of the opening made. Your roofer might need the assistance of another person to make sure that it is appropriately lowered into the ceiling.

#4: Skylight placement

Once the sill has been flashed, the next step is to place skylight into the frame you’ve just created. Again, this step will require the assistance of someone from the inside of the house. The skylight will have to be secured by galvanized nails.

#5: Seal, flash, flash

Placing the skylight isn’t the final step in the installation process. To ensure that your skylight is properly fixed, does not leak or has no chance of collapse, it will have to be sealed from all four sides. To do this, your roofer will cover the sides with a membrane sufficiently long enough that it extends beyond the corners. The membrane is then wrapped around the perimeter of the skylight.

After the sealant has been applied your roofer will again flash the bottom edges and sides. As mentioned before, flashing is absolutely essential to make sure there is no risk of a leak from your skylight. This multistep flashing process includes sill-flashing, step-flashing, counter flashing and saddle flashing. It also constitutes the final step in installing a skylight.

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