How To Prepare Your Home For Spring Storms

Spring Storms

HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR SPRING STORMSSpring is almost here, and with it comes storms. While it is not possible for you to control the weather, you have control over preparedness. Here is how you can get your home ready for the storms.


There is no way of protecting the exterior of your home completely from the spring storms, but you can minimize the damage caused when you properly prepare. You should do a visual check of the exterior of your home, then look for areas that might need a little work before the storms come. You should check for loose or damaged siding, and secure the areas. You should also remember to inspect the roof so you can ensure that the shingles are in good condition. If there is roofing repair needed before the storms come, you should make an effort of calling a roofing expert who will advise you on the best course of action.


Old limbs are not going to stand a chance when they are hit by the high winds, so you should have them sorted before they are brought down by the winds. You can easily prune smaller branches, but you should not cut any large branches if you don’t have the experience, call a professional to do it. You should also take care of the debris on your yard because winds can easily carry them, and they can strike the house and result in damage.


The gutter system is important because it diverts the rainwater away from the foundation and façade of your home. When spring storms hit, gutters become even more important, because there will be an influx of precipitation. If your gutter fails, it can cause leaking of the roof, flooding of the basement, and erosion of the foundation. You should have cleaning and maintenance done it at least twice a year so that the gutters are in good shape and able to handle heavy downpours.


When a disaster happens, one of the best ways of protecting yourself and your family is by having a safety plan. You should have a plan to cover the potential natural disasters that can take place in your area. Some of the few scenarios you need to be prepared for includes;

Flash flooding

Severe thunderstorm

A tree falling on the house

Lighting strike on your home

Tornado warning and watches

You should do an outline of the plan, then go over with everyone on your home. It is very important to be prepared for an emergency situation.


Having a pre-made emergency kit is important in case of a disaster. The kits should have things that are going to be needed during a period in a shelter or extended power outage. Some of the things you need in an emergency kit according to include;

A gallon of water for each person a day for at least three days

Non-perishable food that will last for at least three days

First aid kit

Flashlight and battery-powered radio and an extra set of batteries

A whistle

Pet water and food

Trash bags and moist towelettes

Local maps

Prescription and non-prescription medication


Once the storms have passed, there might be repairs that need to be done to your home, with the most common being roof, gutters, and siding. Instead of trying to do it on your own, it is a good idea to leave it to a professional. A construction expert is able to do the repairs and also help you in preparing for the next spring season. The damage should be dealt with fast because it ensures your home is safe and secure.

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