How to Pick the Best Asphalt Roofing Company in Asheville


Do you know how to pick the best asphalt roofing company? If not, it’s easy to fall for scam contractors instead. Here are some tips from Asheville’s top roofers. Contact Southern Star Roofing for affordable service contractors.

Ask for Licensing

The one thing that scam builders don’t have is licensing. That is why the state’s licensing board even exists. If you don’t see a license number on business cards, they probably don’t have one. When in doubt, ask to see it. If they can’t provide it, call a reputable company like ours to avoid shoddy roofing.

Proof of Insurance

If a contractor doesn’t have insurance, they shouldn’t be working on your property. If they get injured on your property, you become liable. Policyholders also won’t cover someone without a license. Hiring a contractor who has a license and proof of insurance is always the best option when someone is working on your home.

Ask for References

A licensed roofing contractor is proud of their work. Asking them for a professional reference shouldn’t be an issue. If they dodge the question, they don’t want you seeing their handiwork. Avoid these contractors, because they likely aren’t licensed. 

Hiring us is always the best choice for your home. Choose Southern Star Roofing for professional roofers who are licensed and insured.

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