How to Make the Most Out of Your Attic Ventilation

why attic ventilation is important

There’s no second opinion that attic ventilation is necessary but how important is it really? If you’re like most people you don’t really think about attic ventilation or insulation until you actually go up to the attic. Even if this room is infrequently visited, its importance in ventilation and keeping your utility bills down is paramount. That’s why you should be fully informed of how to make the most of it and not completely be in the dark about your attic. In this post, we’re looking into some of the key tips and tricks for proper ventilation of your attic.

What does attic ventilation do for my house?

The purpose of it is to replace used air with fresh air from the outside. This is a pretty basic dictionary definition of it but your attic contributes generously to it. What it does is expel hot air from the inside of your home in the summer to the outside, bringing the temperature down. On the other hand, in winters this ventilation works in a slightly different way. This keeps ice dams on your roof in check. Without it, this ice can melt and cause damage to your roof and even the structure of your house.

What’s the appropriate amount of ventilation required?

Although there isn’t a set value that we can quote here since every home has different requirements, one standard estimation is that three hundred square feet will require one square foot ventilation. Again, this isn’t the exact value and you should always consult with your professional roofer to inspect and give you’re the right estimate for your individual roof and house. Factors that can change the requirements include the slope of the roof, as well as the vent grates on the roof. The accurate value can only be calculated by your roofer.

What do attic fans do?

Attic fans add to the ventilation in your attic. What they do is expel hot air from inside the house to the outside and bring in the cold air. These fans also help keep the electricity bills down. It’s important that you select and install an appropriate size of the attic fan. To know what size will work best in your attic, consult with your roofer. If you end up using the wrong sized attic fan then you might not get your desired cooling effect that you were looking for in the first place with attic fans.

Get in touch with a pro!

If you really want to get the most out of your attic ventilation and insulation, you need a professional roofing team by your side. Make sure that your ventilation is installed and working properly by getting it done by experts. Always do your research on the roofing company’s work experience before hiring them. Roofs and attic ventilation are no joke so you want it to be done by experts.

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