How to Install Roof Sheathing

Many homeowners wonder how to install roof sheathing for their homes. Especially when things get complicated when building in Greenville, SC. This is why residents prefer to hand their job off to our experienced contractors. Read on for more information with Southern Star Roofing, your trusted local roofers.

Watch the Weather

Even a tiny rain shower can make a roof nearly impossible to build. Professionals even have to call it quits early to keep their team safe. However, getting the job completed on time still has to happen. It’s the difference our local contractors make for your job.

Don’t Forget Vents

DIY roofers become so focused on finishing that they forget about vents. Without them, your system can’t breathe, while trapping in heat. Vents should be installed first, then the sheathing layer, and then the roofing. Otherwise, you could quickly develop leaks from loose seams.

Mind the Gaps

There will be a small space between panels, but not much of one. Anything larger than 1/8″ could mean a lot of headaches later. You may even want to upgrade to thicker panels of roof sheathing as well. If this sounds too complicated, hire Southern Star Roofing for your installations.

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