How To Discover A Roof Leak Yourself

Water Damage

How To Discover A Roof Leak YourselfThough early detection prevents major damage, it is difficult since water can travel some distance from the point of leakage before it is noticeable. The points of a roof leak may also be many leaving you with an uphill task of identifying them and handling them fully.

Checking the attic may be the easiest approach for spotting the origin of a leak, as it provides a direct link to the roof. Light reflecting properties of water make it easy to identify leaks, be equipped with a flashlight during the inspection. Scan the attic area for any signs of water or its residue, mark with permanent ink or anything else that will ease identification later.

On the outside, carefully check for signs of holes or areas that appear broken. Check on either side of the rafters as water can trickle along them and reach the walls. Zero in on areas surrounding vent pipes that pierce through the roof. If you have a chimney also do the same.

After the rains have stopped, use binoculars to scrutinize the roof from the ground. For better inspection, you can climb up unto your roof, but not before putting on safety equipment to safeguard against a fall. Scan the roof for any water pools or missing shingles. Most of the time leaks start around the joining point of two roofs or around flashings surrounding venting pipes or chimneys. Valleys that are blocked with leaves will prevent water from draining, this water can accumulate past the valley flashing and go into the roof. Such as leakage can also occur when the valley is constricted and a lot of water is moving through it. Pouring some water on the suspect area can help you to quickly discover if there are leaks.

A leak during the winter can be as a result of ridges of ice formed along the eaves that stop melting snow from flowing out of the roof. Instead, the water accumulates under the shingles and leaks into the house.

If the water pools under a particular window with the wind blowing in the opposite direction you may have found the cause of the problem. A small adjustment or fix will be an adequate remedy.

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