How to Cut Rafters Properly

You can see plenty of woodworkers throughout Greenville, SC. However, not everyone learns how to cut rafters correctly, which can lead to problems. Here are a few tips from Southern Star Roofing. When in doubt, choose us to cut rafters for you.

Know All Of Your Measurements

Too often, DIYers only measure off of their home’s length. Once the beams need to angle, they come up too short or too long. You need to include the pitch, rise, overhang, and other items. This is why it’s generally easier to have our professionals handle it.

Learn Your Cuts

Rafters demand both experience and skill to complete a job correctly. That means nailing all three types of cuts and other items on the first try. Your rafters use a plumb cut, birds’ mouth, and tail cuts. An error on any of them will cause your roof to fail.

Have the Necessary Tools

People will put forth a lot of effort into not using proper tools. Hand saws and tape measures aren’t enough for these projects. At a minimum, you need a circular saw, framing square, and a variety of lumber sizes. Keep your roof job simple by hiring Southern Star Roofing.

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