How to Connect a Porch Roof to a House

Not everyone knows how to connect a porch roof to a house. However, that doesn’t stop everyone in Greenville, SC, from trying. The process is more complicated than it may seem at first. Hire Southern Star Roofing to keep your job simple.

Proper Support

You might have to remove an existing easement to connect your porch roof. Doing so can also remove some structural integrity. If your roof can’t support the joint, both sides can fail. It’s essential to have all braces and connections in place.

Start with Beams

You need to have your wood beams in place before attaching shingles. That includes both outer and inner rafters as needed. Simple connections are always best as they have fewer potential leaks. They also need specific cuts and angles to sit flush.

Match Roofing Products

Two different roofing shingles will contrast each other after installation. Even if they seem close enough, they likely aren’t. Shingles can have different colors or patterns, even with the same materials. Make sure you bring an existing one with you to the store. When in doubt, hire Southern Star Roofing for your porch roof.

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