How to clean your roof safely to increase its life span?

The roof plays an essential part in beautifying any exterior or interior of any house. Still, it gets dirty easily, and one needs proper guidelines to make it clean because it gets very costly to repair the roof. Hence, one needs to keep a check on the condition of the roof and keep it in maintenance so the risk of high expense on repairing can be avoided.

But the actual question is how one can clean the roof and what steps need to be taken to clean it.

So here is the step-by-step guideline to educate the audience. From your recommended Asheville Roofers.

A step-by-step guide to cleaning the roof:

There is a guideline of how to clean your roof given below that one can follow to increase the lifespan of their roof.

Basic inspection:

Basic inspection is needed in order to extend the life span of your roof. One needs to properly check the corners of the roof so they can prevent a major repairing blow. There are certain guidelines for that basic inspection which one can follow

  •  The first and essential step to cleaning the roof is inspecting it thoroughly. Are there any unnecessary things or stuff kept there that can deteriorate the condition of your roof and if there are any then how can we get rid of them to increase the life span of the roof. Usually, one can expect the bird’s feathers, dust, leaves and some other stuff that can be blown through the air, so you need to clean your roof daily to avoid it.
  • You also need to check the condition of the walls around your roof. The walls also need proper waterproofing coating during the paint, as water leakage is one of the main reasons for the extraction of paint colors. Extraction of paint causes the roof to age quite earlier and decreases its life span.

Using quality paint colors:

One needs to use the right and perfect quality paint colors to paint on the walls, sheets and other parts of the roof to prevent a major repair.

Quality Colors not only enhance the look of the surroundings but also ensure there wouldn’t be any dire need to repair the roof soon.

Rusting is also a significant factor that can decrease the Life span of your roof, so you need to take precautions to avoid the case. You need to paint the surrounding of your roof very nicely with quality paint colors to save that area from getting rust.

Choose better quality roofing material:

The best quality and durable roofing materials should be the priority if you want to increase the lifespan of your roof.

You need to choose the material for your roof. Considering the weather and environmental condition of your surroundings, what metal or material will suit your requirements better and help your roof sustain more.

You may keep repairing it, but there is no purpose in doing it if your base isn’t vital, and for that, you need to invest smartly in the construction of your roof. Using quality products should be your priority because it’s better to invest once rather than invest again and again for repairs.

Water blockage:

Water blockage deteriorates your roof’s condition and ultimately decreases the roof life span of your roof, so you need proper planning to avoid this. You can regularly check whether there is any water blockage due to rain or other circumstances.

Raining is one of the significant causes of water blockage. The water stays at a certain level on the floor, which increases humidity in the walls and floors, which may also cause severe damage to that building. 

Proper cleaning of water is required to prevent roof from getting algae and lurking of other organisms towards the roof to increase its life span,


Airflow is also a major concern. Global warming is very alarming as the temperature is rising worldwide, so you need proper airflow on your roof so you can maintain a clean and clear temperature for your place; otherwise, extensive heat-up can cause damage to the roof which will ultimately affect its life span.

Clean corners of your roof:

Cleaning corners is essential for the survival of the roof. One must clean the extensive cornered areas of your roof because the dust and water are stuck.

Usually, the damage starts because we don’t give any attention to these corners, and that dirt causes many problems for the roof which results in its declining.

Avoid growing any plant there:

Don’t grow any plant there, or even if you feel any seed growing there because of pollination, remove it from there. Plants look nice, but they decline the life span of your roof as plants attract birds and insects that can affect the condition of your roof badly.

These little things can be very harmful to your roof and will let it age before its time.

Algae prevention:

Algae are basically green-blue colored aquatic, photosynthetic, and nucleus-bearing organisms. Algae formation can cause a lot of damage to your roof as it spreads widely and can cover the entire area of your roof before you know.

It traps the heat and causes damage to the tiles and the materials used in the formation of your roof.

Removing algae is a very tricky game, so you need proper assistance.

Algae usually become a nest for insects and animals and welcome them that may cease the functioning ability of your roof.

It would help if you were a bit careful as some insects and plants can also cause a few holes that may access the humidity and dust to the house’s interior.

These are the basic steps one can follow to increase the roof’s life span and can get saved from a major repairing blow that may cost a lot and will also cause impact on the structure of the roof