How to Choose the right Shingle Color for your Roof

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choose the right shingle color for your roofMost roofs last about a couple decades, so you’re most likely not going to buy a new one anytime soon. It’s one of the more costly features of your home to replace, so it’s important that you carefully consider the right shingle color for your roof when it’s time to install a new one. Because there is a wide variety of materials, colors and shades to consider, it’s not such an easy decision to choose the color that would look best and that you would be happy with for some time.

Once installed, you will have to live with your color choice for two to three decades, so you will want to consider key factors in selecting the color shingle for your roof. So, what things should you consider? Here are some tips to help you make the best color for your roof.

Choose the Right Shingle Color

Climate and Geographical Location

Where is your home located? What kind of climate do you have where you live? Homeowners need to ask these questions when selecting the color of their shingles roof since shingle color may affect your attic temperature, which in turn affects your heating and cooling costs.

Dark-colored shingles absorb heat and help keep homes warm in colder climates, and light-colored shingles reflect the sun’s heat and help to keep lower temperatures in homes in hotter locations. If you live in a colder climate, the dark-colored shingles will cause more melting of ice and snow on your roof, which prevents icicles and water backing up under the shingles.

Your Home’s Architectural Style and Colors

To ensure you will be happy with your shingle color choice, you will want to consider your home’s architectural style and existing colors. Does your home have siding and/or bricks and what colors are they? What color is your home painted? What are some of your favorite colors? Think over these questions so your shingle color choice will complement your home’s current colors unless you’re planning to change them to match your new roof. Also, keep in mind that dark-colored shingles have a tendency to make a home appear smaller, while lighter-colored shingles tend to make it appear larger.

Neighborhood Considerations

Be sure to take into consideration how your roof’s color will look compared to your neighbors’ roofs. Do you want your roof color to blend with other neighborhood roofs? Or, do you want your home to look different from others? Does your neighborhood have a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) that designates certain color choices? If you do have an HOA, be sure to find out what the shingle color choices are before deciding on a particular color choice to prevent any potential issues. Some associations have established standards and rules to maintain a similar style for homes throughout a development.

Complement the Shutters

Finally, if your home has shutters which have a color that contrasts with your siding, you should consider a roof shingle color that matches with the shutters to give your home a more uniform appearance. However, if you want to change your home’s overall style you may want to install new shutters that complement your new roof shingle color.

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