How to Choose the Right Roofing Shingle Color for your Charlotte home?

Shingle Color

A roof isn’t something you buy every other day. In fact, after installing a new roof on your home, it might take you more than two decades to consider replacing it. It’s, therefore, important that you choose the right shingle color for your roof the first time. Well, we both know that this isn’t a walk in the park. Shingle roofs are available in various types, and for each color you choose, there’s a wide range of shades and color combinations.

The fact that your shingle roof will be over your head for the next 2 to 3 decades means you should choose wisely. So, what is it that you should keep in mind or rather consider? Here are tips from your local Charlotte roofer that will help you choose the best possible color for your shingle roof.

Climate and Geographical Location

Which part of the United States do you live? What’s the climatic condition of your area? These are important questions every homeowner should ask themselves when choosing the color of their shingle roof. Note that the shingle color is likely to affect the temperature of your attic which means your heating and cooling costs will also be affected.

While dark-colored shingles will absorb heat and keep homes in colder climates warm, light shingles tend to reflect heat from the sun thus keeping temperatures low in homes located in hotter climatic regions. Installing dark-colored shingles will also cause ice and snow to melt off your roof faster.

Your Home’s architectural Style and colors

You also want to take a close look at the architectural style of your home as well as its colors. Do you have siding or bricks? What’s the color in which you’ve painted your home? What’s the color that you really like? These are some of the questions to keep in mind as well. Dark-colored shingles tend to make a home look smaller while light-colored shingles will make it look a little bit larger. Match your exterior paint colors with the shingle color.

Neighborhood Considerations

It’s important to consider the neighborhood you live in and see what’s on other people’s roofs. How will the colors on your neighbors’ roofs complement your home? You might consider choosing colors that will make your home stand out and look a little different from the rest. Those living in complexes run by associations should ensure there are no rules for selecting shingle colors. Note that there are associations that prefer having all homes around to have the same style and look the same.

Complement the Shutters

In cases where the shutters appear to contrast with the siding, homeowners can pick a shingle color that’s closely matching the shutters. This will help tie your entire house together. Remember you can always change your shutter depending on your preferences. However, as soon as you’ve decided to use a specific color it would be easier to find a shingle color that complements it.

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