How to Choose a Charlotte Roofing Company?

The roof is an important part of any home as it protects the structure as well as the occupants from the elements. There are other roles your roofing system plays including adding to your home’s curb appeal. While you might feel comfortable and relaxed when your roofing system is in good condition, you’re likely to have a difficult time finding the right Charlotte Roofing Company to fix or replace your roof. After a damaging storm, you need to have your roof fixed so you can have your life back. It’s important that you find a roofer who’s not only professional but honest and trustworthy. With these six tips, finding the right roofing contractor in Charlotte won’t be an obstacle anymore.

Ask for Recommendations

Why not check with some of your co-workers, friends and neighbors? Let them give you references of contractors they’ve worked with before. You might consider finding those who have worked with the roofer in the recent years. Getting recommendations from this category of people will help you get roofing contractors that work within Charlotte and the surrounding areas. What does that even help? You get to find a roofing company that’s familiar with the local codes.

Ask for Proof of Licensing and Insurance

Don’t take their word for it-ask for proof. Let the roofer provide you with proper documentation of their liability and workers compensation insurance as well as licensing. Proof of insurance gives you peace of mind and protects you if an accident or damage occurs during the roof repair or replacement project. These two documents are proof that the Charlotte roofing contractor is legitimate.

Price isn’t everything

While it’s important to work with a budget, it’s not a good idea to choose a roofer in Charlotte based on price. Cheap might end up being expensive. On the other hand, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality services. Be sure to get estimates from more than three contractors and compare prices. Choose a company that’s committed to meeting your needs at a reasonable price.

Find out About Manufacturer Designations

Apart from the contractor having a local company office, do they have any manufacturer accreditation? A company that has accreditation will have followed specific guidelines and requirements before being certified by the factory. It means you’re working with a contractor who’s committed to the craft.

What about Roofing Warranty?

You don’t want to be left with your family in the cold in case your roof goes bad after the work, do you? That’s what’s likely to happen when you work with a contractor who doesn’t provide warranty for their work. Find out from the company whether or not they provide warranty. Remember to read your contract so you can know what’s covered or rather included in your warranty.

Get an Estimate in Writing

When looking for a roofer in Charlotte, find out if the company provides written estimates. It’s important that the contractor provides you with a detailed roofing proposal in writing. If a roofer doesn’t want or hesitates to provide a written estimate, that’s a red flag. Anything being promised should be put on paper before the work begins.

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