How Many Shingles Do I Need for My Roof?

When pricing out a new roof, you might ask how many shingles do I need? Homeowners in Greenville, SC, aren’t always sure how to estimate them. It’s best to bring us in to offer a professional consultation. Here’s how the experts at Southern Star Roofing break things down.

Measure the Roof Area

Don’t let your math teacher hear that they were right. For a standard roof, we take the width and multiply it by the length. A sheet of roofing shingles is enough to cover about 100 square feet. From there, it’s as easy as discovering the X of the formula.

Round-Up Measurements

In a perfect world, you would get an even measurement every time. However, construction is rarely easy, especially with irregular lot sizes. When you need to cover a partial foot, it’s best to buy extra shingles. Even small repair jobs usually lead people to purchase an entire box to account for errors.

Count the Current Shingles

When replacing a roof, sometimes it’s easier just to count what’s there. That way, there are no best guesses but an exact amount. For professional estimates, contact Southern Star Roofing.

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