How Long Does a Residential Asphalt Roof Last in Charlotte?


It seems as if you always have roofing problems to address after a storm. Many homeowners also ask, how long does a residential asphalt roof last in Charlotte, NC?

Unfortunately, that can seem like a loaded question to answer. Here is where Southern Star Roofing stands on the issue below.

How Long Do Asphalt Roofs Last?

In theory, asphalt shingles will last around two decades. However, following a severe storm, it can drastically reduce their lifespan. While durable, these products can only withstand so much force. If you find that you’re always losing tiles, you may want to upgrade to something different.

Inspect Your Roof Often

Many homeowners have a roof inspection before they buy the house. Unfortunately, they never have it performed again, missing needed repairs. One way to extend your roof’s service life is with annual inspections. Find problems before they start and hire us.

Buy Better Roofing Products

It’s no secret that some asphalt shingles wear out fast, while some will withstand a tornado or even a hurricane. Many homeowners unknowingly buy cheap roofing products for DIY repairs. 

There are a variety of roofing materials to choose from so it’s best to go over all of your options and leave your repair items to Southern Star Roofing.

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