How Long Do You Have To File A Hail Damage Claim?

Hail can cause all sorts of damage, when it does, what do you do? Find out what to do and how long you have to file a damage claim for hail.

If your home has taken a beating from the last hail storm and you found huge hailstones in your gutters and yard, there could be damage to your roof.  Seeing pieces of shingles in the yard the next day is a good indication of this. If this is the case, you need to know how quickly you should act in order to get everything filed and evaluated.  You also need to consider if there is a deadline for this type of claim.

Fortunately, this is not an uncommon situation, but you do need to know the answers to all of your questions.  Before you look at the insurance claim, you will need to know if your roof has been damaged and how you can tell.  You also need to know how to file a claim with our insurance provider.


Why You Should File A Claim

After determining that your roof has been damaged by hail and found a reputable roofer to look at this for you, you need to file an insurance claim.  This should be done as soon as possible and is one of the reasons why you have home insurance. You have probably been paying the premium for years so that you are covered when something like this happens.

How Do You File A Claim for Hail Damage?

The first step in filing your hail damage claim will be to look at your homeowner’s insurance policy.  You need to find out what your deductible is and determine if the insurance payout will exceed this amount by enough to make the whole claim worthwhile.  You also need to make a note of your policy number and organize photos and notes that you have regarding the damage to ensure that you report everything accurately.  

The information that you need will include the date and time that your roof was damaged.  You also need to know what exactly was damaged and the approximate size of the hail that hit your roof.  

Once you have everything in order, you can file your claim.  This can usually be done online or by phone. After this, you will get a claim number and a claims examiner will be assigned to your case.  The claim adjuster will inspect your roof and give you an estimate for the repairs.

Should The Roofer Be Present For The Inspection?

It is best that your roofer is there and you will need to coordinate with them regarding this.  They will be able to offer a second opinion during the inspection and will be able to hold the claims adjustor accountable.  Of course, you need to ensure that you trust your roofer to do this. A professional roofing company can decide if there is hail damage. 

The adjuster and roofer will generally discuss the findings and provide you with a more accurate estimate.  If there is disagreement, you can ask for a different adjustor to be sent to your home to re-evaluate everything.  

Will Your Premium Increase After A Single Claim?

This is not always something that will happen and will depend on the insurance company and how many claims you file in a set period of time.  Your location will also play a role in this. As the weather is a natural event and the damage was not due to negligence, your premium may stay the same.  

How Long Do You Have To File?

Most standard insurance policies will need you to file a claim within 1 year from the date you determine your home was damaged by hail.  It is recommended that you ask your insurance agent for more information regarding this as all companies will differ. This will ensure that you have the correct information.  

Should You Take Action Immediately?

The longer you wait to claim, the worse the damage is going to be.  The worse the damage, the more expensive the repair will be. Damaged shingles can cause leads and other serious water damage to your home.  It is recommended that you get your roof fixed as soon as possible to prevent the other problems that could come about.

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