Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Gutters


When the rainy season befalls us it leaves its mark on the gutters drainage systems of our house. Poorly maintained rain gutters are often found crowded and clogged after a shower. The pooled up water can cause some serious damage to your roof and subsequently your house. Leaks, moss and mold growth are some common consequences of rain gutters that’s not been probably looked after.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Remove All Kinds of Debris

Leaves, branches, grains and shingle remains can all find their way into the rain gutter and they can eventually build up to occlude the pipes altogether. One of the principal steps in maintaining the rain gutters of your house is to make sure they are clear of all kinds of debris. You can do this yourself without the help of a professional as well as long as you’ve got the right tools. To prevent this debris accumulation you can also consider investing in a gutter guard that acts as a sort of filter cum shield for your drains.

Test the Gutter Angle

Rain gutters and almost always propped at a slightly downward angle that slopes towards the downspout. This angle ensures that all the rainwater slides down and outside with gravity without accumulation in the pipes or pooling on your roof. One way to test if your rain gutter angle is appropriate is by running water through the pipe and checking if it comes towards the downspout or not. If the angle turns out to be slightly off, you may need to call in your roofers to fix it. You could also do it DIY by attaching a diverter in your pipe to correct the water flow.

Make Sure There Are No Loose Gutters

Gutters can often come loose when the pressure of the water is strong enough to rip them away from the exterior of your house. Loose gutters can raise safety concerns; long-standing loose gutters can also build up repair costs. One way to fix this problem is by fastening a fascia bracket hanger to keep the gutters fixed. You might also want to follow it up by a professional inspection from a certified roofing contractor.

Fix Any Holes or Leaks

Holes and leaks in the rain gutter are not very common but they can exist especially when the pipes have aged and rusted. You might want to check for any leaks in the pipes by spraying water through a hose into the pipe and see where the excavations exist. These should be repaired through a professional roofer but smaller holes can also be repaired at home with roofing cement as a temporary fix.

For any roof related troubles, make sure you contact a qualified roofer for the job. At Southern Star Roofing, our professional roofing team  our roofers are skilled at making advanced roofing repairs and installation processes.

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