Gutter Cleaning Basics


Gutter Cleaning BasicsGutter cleaning is one of the most neglected cleaning jobs. Cleaning eaves troughs is a crucial task that every homeowner should perform at least twice per year. When gutters clog up, the overflow of water could end up damaging the foundation and landscaping around the home. The extra weight exerted by overflow water could lead to the gutters pulling loose, something that could lead to rot behind the trim or fascia.

During winter months, clogged up gutters could lead to something known as ice damming, one of the leading reasons for roofs leaks. Ice fills up the gutters and starts to form on the slope of the roof. Ice then forms in between your roofing layers. After a while, it starts backing up into your roof system. The heat from your home then causes the ice to thaw and leak into the building. If there are lots of trees around your house, it’s advisable that you clean your gutters more often.

While there are tons of new and innovative equipment and tools that can help you clean up your gutters, the typical process involves using a hose, ladder, disposal bag, a garden scoop or trowel, and gloves. According to specialists, average homes should be cleaned at least twice per year in May and October. Please note that gutter cleaning can be a dangerous task and should be handled by someone capable.

When cleaning your gutters, it’s imperative that you wear your gloves and make sure that the ladder is secure and firmly planted. A ladder stand-off or stabilizer can be used to prevent denting and damaging the siding or gutters.

Start at the downspout using a hose and a trowel and make sure the downspout is clear of debris. If there is a downspout plugged, you will probably have to disassemble it for cleaning. Scoop and dispose of all trash before rinsing your trough clean. Trough rinsing time is an excellent time to scout leaks.

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